Would You Like to Study a University Degree That Combines Physiotherapy and Technology? Study the Degree in International Physiotherapy in the Campus of Barcelona

The University of Health and Sport—a centre affiliated with the University of Girona (EUSES-UdG)—and the School of new Interactive Technologies—a centre affiliated with the University of Barcelona (ENTI-UB)—have joined to offer the Degree in International Physiotherapy. It is the first university degree to combine physiotherapy and technology. This degree focuses on a hands-on learning regarding different aspects of physiotherapy, including new technologies. Besides, you will gain a solid theoretical basis, while being constantly linked to the professional world.

ENTI-UB is a fundamental part of this degree since it provides you with the experience that a leading university course in new technologies can offer. For example, developing evaluation tools used in physiotherapy, applying new technological advances in this field, and even the possibility to create new technological applications—such as mobile apps, software or three-dimensional modelling in physiotherapy.

Therefore, due to the collaboration EUSES-ENTI in the Degree in International Physiotherapy in the UB Health Campus, you  will not be a mere user of new technologies but you will have an in-depth knowledge on them. You will also have tools to create the relevant technological elements for their development and professional specialization.

Moreover, and aiming at opening the door to the markets abroad, this course is taught entirely in English. Mastering this language is essential and it has become a basic competence to have access to the sciences and to help you find a job.

All in all, once you complete this degree you will become a professional who is able to work worldwide and to create new resources.  Moreover, you will master the state-of-the-art technology used in physiotherapy.

Discover the latest technology applied to physiotherapy; study the Degree in International Physiotherapy in the Health Campus of Barcelona.