Would you like to study 21st century physiotherapy? Enrol in September in the International Physiotherapy Degree

In the Campus-Bellvitge in Barcelona, you can choose the best educative itinerary in physiotherapy: the Degree in International Physiotherapy, in the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and University of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG). A course in English and with a clear global calling. The best way to study physiotherapy responding to 21st century challenges.

It is precisely to respond to the contemporary society needs that the academic curricula of this Degree includes new ICT applied to physiotherapy. Due to the involvement of ENTI-UB, a leading school in new technologies, you will go beyond the typical manual therapies. As a student you will look closely at the latest technological advances in physiotherapy, you will be able to create and develop new technological applications, and so increasing the efficiency of the diagnosis in physiotherapy as well as the therapeutic results and the patient’s adherence to the treatment.

Undobtely, the more it goes, the greater is the presence of new technologies in all spheres of our society. In this Degree you will have a good command of ICT from a wider point of view. That is, it does not only cover purely medical technology but you will also share resources with other disciplines such as architecture (three-dimensional reconstruction studies which serve as an aid in the treatment of spine deformities) or the virtual games (the beneficial use of the Wii Fit Platform for ankle and knee injuries).

Moreover, our teaching staff is highly qualified and directly linked to the professional world. Once your Degree is completed, you will become a new professional of an international nature, who will add quality to the care service and create new resources. All the above will help you find a job in the national, European and international market.

If you would like to study physiotherapy in English in Barcelona and learn the latest technological advances in this field, enrol in September in the Degree in International Physiotherapy UB-UdG. There are still vacancies on this course!

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