What are your career prospects after the Physiotherapy Barcelona Degree?

In the context of socioeconomic challenges we are going through, the concern of the youth to choose a degree that will guarantee their professional opportunities is increasing. In that respect, studying the Physiotherapy Barcelona Degree in Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives (Enti-UB) and Escola de la Salut i l’Esport (Euses-UdG) will grant you an all-round and quality education which will facilitate your access to the job market.

Actually, the job opportunities of the graduate in Physiotherapy are many and diverse: from the treatment of medical and surgical pathologies to the activities related to the prevention of illness and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as research, teaching and management. Moreover, it also offers you the possibility to work as a freelancer, as well as to work in the public or the private sector.

Broadly speaking, the main sectors usually include: mutual insurance companies, accident insurance companies, hospitals, specialized hospitals, rehabilitation centres, primary health care, special education schools, veterinary activity, geriatric home care, health care centres, public health centres, hydrotherapy centres, sports clubs and centres, physio-aesthetics, research and teaching, among others.

The technological component provided by ENTI-UB to this master’s degree provides you with a new handful of possibilities. It contributes knowledge on technological applications applied to the healthcare as the so-called Serious Games and the simulators. It ranges from Apps to monitor the patients’ recovery to the possibility to design and test virtual drills using machines. That is to say, you will gain an immersion of knowledge related to the physiotherapy from a perspective of the new technologies which will open up multiple possibilities to your career.

In addition, you are likely to find your first job while you are still studying. The numbers speak for themselves: around 20% of the students in the interuniversity International Physiotherapy Degree Enti (UB)- Euses (UdG) are employed after their placement period. Being the placement closely followed by the teaching staff results in a comprehensive learning adapted to the professional reality; while offering the possibility to carry out extracurricular placements.

So think about your future. Choose the International Physiotherapy Degree Enti (UB)- Euses (UdG).