The First International Degree that combines Physiotherapy and New Technologies

A new campus in Barcelona from EUSES-ENTI and the University of Barcelona (UB). For the 2015-2016 year we now offer courses that involve excellent training and learning oriented aspects of physiotherapy (assessments, diagnosis, design and treatments), 100 % in English, making use of the combined efforts of EUSES and ENTI to garner the skills of academic excellence to integrate and apply new technologies to the world of physical therapy.

The presence of ENTI-UB in the physiotherapy degree allows students to benefit from the experience that comes from an education in new technologies. Students will learn about; the development of assessment tools from physiotherapy, the application of new technological advances in the field of physical therapy, and the possibility of being involved in the creation of new technological applications (apps, software, 3D Modeling) in the field of physiotherapy.

A degree with a global vision that will be completely in English. We will progressively help to bring up students’ levels of English. English, as well as an exposure to new technologies will open further prospects of employment or future work for the student after having gone through the degree program.