The Degree in International Physiotherapy, the university degree that allows you to acquire an attractive CV in order to succeed in the international jobs market

If you would like to acquire an attractive and highly competitive academic record that enables you to work abroad, the best training option for you is the Degree in International Physiotherapy from the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB) and the School of Health and Sport (Escola de la Salut i l’Esport – EUSES-UdG) at the Campus of Barcelona.

In the first place, this is because it is the first university degree that is entirely in English specialising in the field of health and physiotherapy. Mastery of this language is, without a doubt, essential both in the educational field and in the workplace. In addition it will aid you in gaining access to a large amount of information and scientific texts. In this way you will be able to learn about the latest advances in this sector and establish international networking, and in addition, professionally speaking, it will help you to access the international jobs market.

Furthermore, physiotherapy and technology are combined during these studies. This will therefore allow you to acquire the knowledge you need to be able to create new technological apps or software applied to physiotherapy. In addition, you will study at the Campus of the University of Barcelona (UB), where other studies specialising in health are also taught, such as: Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, etc. This academic environment thus encourages you to learn about the latest technological advances applied to health 2.0, the new ICTs, e-health, while learning to integrate all of these innovative technologies into your day to day life; all this at the hands of an excellent and highly qualified teaching staff with an international profile and with extensive professional experience. Moreover, you will be provided with a follow-up service and individualised advice on resolving your queries on academic issues and professional guidance.

Lastly, as one more demonstration of the international vocation of these studies, you will have the opportunity to access a host of international exchange programmes at prestigious foreign universities, as well as the subsequent expansion and continuation of postgraduate studies in countries all over the world.

If you would like to devote yourself professionally to physiotherapy, choose the Degree in International Physiotherapy, an innovative and high-quality training course that is your gateway to the international jobs market.

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