Study in English in Barcelona with the Degree in International Physiotherapy. Prepare your professional future in the best possible way.

In a world as globalised as ours currently is, English has become the language of communication par excellence. Indeed, in the fields of dissemination, academia or science, publications in English are those that obtain the largest number of citations and have a greater impact compared to any other language. This circumstance is considered of the utmost importance in the Degree in International Physiotherapy from the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB) and the School of Health and Sport (Escola Universitària de la Salut i l’Esport – EUSES-UdG),  the first university degree entirely in English, which combines physiotherapy with new technologies.


Taught by specialised native lecturers who are highly qualified in teaching, and with years of experience in clinical practice and curricular criteria of academic excellence, you will study – in English – subjects such as: Anatomy, Massotherapy, Physiotherapy in Clinical Specialties, Biochemistry, Kinesitherapy, Neurological Pathology, Biology, Manual Therapy, Public Health and Health Administration, among many others. You are certain to receive a quality and up-to-date instruction, covering all the new technological trends such as Serious Games or new apps applied to health. You will learn about the new ICTs applied to healthcare, and will be provided with the  knowledge you need to be able to create new resources or technological applications such as: Mobile apps, software or 3D modelling applied to physiotherapy.


Moreover, during the course of these studies there is a constant commitment to providing an education that is taylored to each individual student. In this regard, take note that you will have at your disposal a monitoring service and individualised advice on academic aspects and professional guidance. In addition, you can complete your regular training in the best way, by participating in conferences, seminars and courses, taught by experts in the various fields of health.


Lastly, it should be noted that during this Degree you will also have the opportunity to carry out your practical work experience at the best centres specialising in physiotherapy from all over Catalonia and France. Furthermore, you will also be able to access a host of international exchange programmes, as well as subsequently expanding and continuing your postgraduate studies at renowned universities around the world.


If you want to boost your academic, scientific, and in short, professional CV, choose the Degree in International Physiotherapy, the first studies 100% in English in Barcelona that incorporate the latest technological advances in the field of health.