Study in Barcelona, southern Europe’s leading city for tech startups

A recent survey of more than 350,000 people from 200 different countries has concluded that Barcelona is the world’s fourth most attractive city to work in, beaten only by Berlin, London and New York. This is one of the factors that explains why between 2016 and 2018, 24 technology multinationals have opened offices in the city.

In the health sector there has also been a boom in new companies seeking solutions using the latest technologies. It is precisely for this reason that this week Barcelona is hosting the HealthIO event, a world-renowned conference that brings together patients, healthcare professionals and technology companies.

The Degree in International Physiotherapy is delivered jointly by EUSES-UdG, the University School of Health and Sport, and ENTI-UB, the University of Videogames and Serious Games. The symbiosis between EUSES and ENTI is a natural and logical union: it is the sum of two branches of knowledge, new technologies and physiotherapy, which offers students added value in the development of technological tools applied to the healthcare sector.

If you would also like to study in Barcelona, the foremost technology hub in southern Europe, and to train in the healthcare sector linked to technological applications, the Degree in International Physiotherapy is for you. You will receive modern training that is open to new innovation and firmly rooted in scientific evidence.

In addition, all the sessions are taught in English, so that students can also learn the most important language in the world at the same time.