Scientific research: one of the values of the Degree in International Physiotherapy

The teaching staff for the Degree in international Physiotherapy from the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB), and the School of Health and Sport (Escola de la Salut i l’Esport – EUSES-UdG), combine lecturing and scientific research. At the Campus of the UB you will have the opportunity to train with a first rate teaching staff, most of whom have PhDs and specialise in their field, as well as regularly publishing a variety of publications, papers and research studies. A recent example is the publication: ‘Lung and liver responses to 1- and 7-day treatments with LASSBio-596 in mice subchronically intoxicated by microcystin-LR’, in which the lecturer Dr Vinicius Oliveira has participated. It’s a toxicological study on therapeutic intervention with an anti-inflammatory agent in pulmonary and hepatic lesions with cyanobacteria contamination.

During this study the response of the lungs and liver of mice previously infected with microcystin-LR, and later subjected to 1 and 7 day treatments with LASSBio-596 was confirmed. It was found that the use of this drug reduced inflammatory effects in both organs, from the first day of treatment. By the seventh day, the apoptosis in the lung and liver was completely reversed.

Without a doubt, the devotion to research is one of the values of our lecturers, characterised, as they are, by their dual profile: that of academic-researchers and that of active professionals. As two further examples, we would like to mention some of our lecturers’ publications in the course of this year:

‘Discourses on the Toxic Effects of Internal Chemical Contamination in Catalonia, Spain)’, a study published by Dr. Araceli Muñoz, member of the Medical Anthropology Research Centre of Rovira i Virgili University, which provides an in-depth examination of one of her usual fields of research: that of health, risk and internal contamination. The aim of the publication is to show that human exposure to the toxic components of the environment and to pollution merits greater attention. In this review, an assessment is made of internal chemical contamination and the risk of toxic effects as an experience related to the activity of everyday life.

‘Standard and Short RoM Isokinetic Testing: Comparative Analysis in Identifying Submaximal Shoulder External Rotator Effort’ published by the lecturer Joaquim Chaler, a specialist in Physical medicine and rehabilitation and focusing on a parameter that marks the difference between eccentric-concentric strength ratios at two distinct test velocities (DEC), based on a 60° (standard) range of motion (RoM), which has been proven to be highly efficient in detecting simulated muscular efforts. 

In addition to their devotion to research, the lecturers for the Degree in International Physiotherapy are characterised by their broad teaching skills, their international origin and their extensive experience in both professional and academic areas.

In short, the leading role played by scientific research is one of the main features of the Degree in International Physiotherapy from EUSES-UdG and ENTI-UB. Choose innovation and quality, by studying at the Campus of the UB.

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