Professor Afra Masià gives a presentation on the emotional disorders affecting patients undergoing chronic haemodialysis at the 46th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference

Professor on the Degree in International Physiotherapy Afra Masià participated in the 46th International Conference of the European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/European Renal Care Association (EDTNA/ERCA), held from 9 to 12 September 2017 in the city of Krakow (Poland), under the title: ‘True Partnership and Global Approach in Management of Renal Care’.

This annual conference brings together experts in the treatment of renal pathology. In this context, Afra Masià gave a presentation titled: ‘Emotional disorders related to pain and clinical aspects in patients undergoing chronic haemodialysis’. Her research forms part of the doctoral programme she is carrying out at the University of Girona ‘Psychosocial factors influencing the quality of life of patients undergoing chronic haemodialysis’ which includes data on patients receiving haemodialysis treatment in the entire healthcare region of Girona.

Every year EDTNA/ERCA convenes professionals from different areas linked to renal disease, in both peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis, as well as renal transplant. In fact, EDTNA/ERCA is the leading European association in research and innovation for this type of patients.

During the congress, the attendees had the chance to learn about new dialysis machines, different types of innovative materials being launched by the industry, and the publication of new working guidelines, among other things. In addition, members from different European countries took the opportunity to meet up again and share, compare and reflect on various issues related with this disease and the latest scientific developments.