“Massotherapy: one of the most common techniques in physiotherapy”. Javier Jerez, a lecturer in the Degree in International Physiotherapy, highlights the importance of understanding these types of procedures in clinical practice

The Degree in International Physiotherapy, from the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB), and the University School of Health and Sport (Escola Universitària de la salut i l’Esport – EUSES-UdG) is committed to providing an innovative quality training that combines physiotherapy with the new e-Health technologies, studying entirely in English. The syllabus for this course prioritises the ability to attend to patients in the field of prevention, treatment of injuries and pathologies associated with movement. On this occasion, we shall focus on the course subject of Massotherapy, taught by the lecturer Javier Jerez, physiotherapist with a PhD in Public Health from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Natal, Brazil) and with a master’s degree in the field of Public Health.

Dr Jerez has worked for twelve years as a physiotherapist in public and private health systems. The coming academic year, he will be the coordinator of this degree, along with Mariano Gacto, and will also be responsible for coordinating the Practicum I and Practicum II courses. His main areas of research are: physical therapy and rehabilitation, gerontology and geriatrics, epidemiology and public health. In addition he has published 23 articles, with 46 articles presented at conferences and one book.


In terms of the course subject of Massotherapy (2nd year), it should be noted that it focuses on the techniques and methods of specific activities in the field of physiotherapy and its application in the different pathologies for the preservation of health. Throughout this material, the course addresses the physiological effects caused by massage, as well as its indications and contraindications. It also delves into specific techniques such as lymphatic drainage and deep transverse massage, among others. Furthermore, as the lecturer Doctor Javier Jerez comments, in this subject almost 50% of classes are practical. In addition, in his classes, the group of students is divided into two or three groups of about 25 students, more or less, in order to better practice and implement the techniques. Without a doubt, the combination of theory and practice is a common feature in most of the course subjects of the Degree in International Physiotherapy.


With regard to the applications of this subject in the daily life of a physiotherapist, Javier Jerez points out that Massotherapy is one of the most common techniques in the field of physiotherapy. This is why it is very important to understand and control these types of procedures. Jerez also teaches the course subjects of Basic Health Care (2nd year), also a major material focusing on first aid, and in the second term he will teach classes of Kinesiotherapy (2nd year), during which students learn specific treatment techniques such as analytical stretching Physiotherapy Care in Injuries to the Locomotor Apparatus (2nd year), focused on the approach and treatment of patients affected by injuries to the injuries to the musculoskeletal system; the students learn how to apply the treatments specific to bone injuries, joint and soft parts.


Lastly, the lecturer Javier Jerez highlights the following as a main advantage of studying this Degree: the internationality of the lecturers and of the students themselves. The teaching staff for this course is made up of experts from countries all over the world: Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. According to Dr Jerez, this aspect is very important both for the degree and because it enables students to set up international networking. In addition, he is also highlights the location of these studies, based as they are in Barcelona, a  very interesting and open city that is ideal for undertaking university studies.


Choose an innovative and quality training in which theory and practice are combined; study the Degree in International Physiotherapy.