Marco Saltelli, International Physiotherapy Degree student: “Barcelona is a great place to study, I love it more every day”

One of the great parts of the International Physiotherapy Degree is the international student body. The studies attract people from all over the world, who have all decided Barcelona is the perfect place to develop their professional career. This is the case of Marco Saltelli, a student from Italy, who has spoken to us about his experience.

“I chose Barcelona because I think it’s a very interesting place to live in” says Saltelli. “You have the opportunity to do many different activities. The mountains and the sea are very close so there is always something to do, you never have a dull moment,”.

Marco Saltelli highlights the professionalism of the professors and the close interaction with them as one of the most important aspects of the degree: “One of the strongest points is that the students and the Professors work together to solve problems, they help you a lot and are deeply involved in the subjects”. He also values the fact that the studies are taught fully in English, as “all the research journals are written in this language and it helps you open many doors”.

Another of the aspects that he likes is that the professors are also part of the international community, as many of them have worked in universities from other countries.
A fact that Marco Saltelli explains, allows the students “to be in touch with different methodologies. As the degree leans heavily on practical work, you can learn a lot”.

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