“Learning by doing” methodology used in Hydrotherapy practice

On top of being the only physiotherapy degree taught completely in English, the International Physiotherapy Degree uses the “learning by doing” methodology, which enables students to put into practice the knowledge gained during the class. Hydrotherapy lessons are a clear example of this way of teaching. Used by professionals in the physiotherapy field, hydrotherapy has proven to be highly beneficial for the locomotive system pathologies.

The practical lesson, led by Brazilian professor Vinicus Rosa de Oliveira, begins with a theory class in which the students learn about different exercises involved in hydrotherapy, the scientific bases that support its application and the results that can be obtained through the different procedures.

In order to fully understand how it works, students go through a hands-on lesson with the professor’s guidance. They work in small groups, which allows the professor to give individual attention to the students and work closely with them.

In the following video you will be able to watch one of these practical lessons.