Last remaining days to pre-register in the International Physiotherapy Degree

The period for University pre-registration is about to be closed. If next year you want to study Physiotherapy in the only university that offers the degree completely in English in Catalonia, remember to choose 91908 or, if you do not have Spanish nationality and no residence in the country, 91909 in the Generalitat of Catalonia’s website.

The International Physiotherapy Degree is a result of the collaboration between the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and the University School of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG), and it is taught at the Bellvitge Health Campus. The degree emphasizes the use of new technologies in healthcare, and the great improvement to people’s health that results from the combination of the knowledge in physiotherapy and the benefits of emerging technologies.

A very important characteristic in this degree is the “learning by doing” methodology. Students are offered many opportunities to put the knowledge gained in class to use, working on their people skills whilst practicing with their colleagues and with patients.

The highly qualified professors who teach this degree also have an international profile. Their diverse backgrounds contribute to enriching the student’s experience, as they will be able to see from a different perspective and learn other methodologies in the field of physiotherapy. This helps students prepare to practice in a foreign country if they wish to do so in the future, and get to know pioneering treatments outside the country.

July the 2nd is the pre-registration deadline for Catalan universities. Apply now to the International Physiotherapy Degree through the Generalitat of Catalonia’s website, and choose the code 91908 or 91909 (for foreign students). We are looking forward to welcoming you!