International Physiotherapy: Study with classmates of various nationalities and from different cultures

Studying the Degree in International Physiotherapy, given jointly by ENTI-UB and EUSES-UdG, allows you to form part of a totally international student community, where you will be able to share knowledge and learn other languages and about other cultures.

Currently there are students of 12 nationalities enrolled on the course, from countries as varied as Finland, the Philippines, Iran and Tanzania, and we hope to increase this number on the next course. Each new culture is a new opportunity to learn about other ways of understanding the world.

All our students enjoy the experience of living and studying in a city like Barcelona, which is open to the world and welcoming to other cultures. The Catalan capital offers a wide range of services and opportunities which make it an excellent place to study.

The experience of living with people of other nationalities is extremely enriching, especially bearing in mind that students also benefit from the constant support of the university and the student community, facilitating optimal integration into the social and academic life on campus.

The Degree in International Physiotherapy, at the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and the School of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG), is unique in this discipline in Catalonia as it offers studies 100% in English, thus attracting international students.

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