International Degree in Physiotherapy: international and high-level lecturers

Internationally renowned lecturers from different nationalities teach in Physiotherapy, the international degree at ENTI-UB & EUSES-UdG. Lectures are taught 100% in English, and that’s why we count on the presence of some English native teachers, who also were working in their native countries.

At this respect, the students can see the differences between different countries around the world, regarding the physiotherapy area. The aim of our degree is to allow students for working in Catalonia or Spain, as well as in other different foreign countries.  For this reason, it is very important to have an effective knowledge of English and an overall view of the methodology in other countries. And we can provide it through our lecturers.

During the academic year 2017-18, we have lecturers from Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, and all of them are qualified specialists in their specialties. They are working, at the same time, in benchmark clinics.

Graham Sinclair, for example, has taught in different centers around Spain, France, Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico and United Kingdom. Samuel Young, graduated from the University of Melbourne, was working in hospitals in Australia and also as physiotherapist in Ireland and England. Zoe Queally has been teaching at the University College Hospital in London. These are three examples of our international and renowned lecturers.

In addition, our faculty staff is not the only who has an international profile, our students are also from different nationalities. This fact allows them to learn more from each other and to come into contact with another realities and cultures, which enriches the experience of studying the International Degree in Physiotherapy, at ENTI-UB & EUSES-UdG.