How video games can improve physiotherapeutic treatments?

One of the most important features of the International Degree in Physiotherapy is that the syllabus includes some subjects about the use of technological applications and video games to improve clinical care and the effectiveness of the treatments. Now, we present you quite an example where video games complement physiotherapy: the use of games to improve the mobility after a stroke.

A research conducted by Imperial College London studied 167 patients with brain injuries, during more than three years. Through a MRI they have identified the affected part and type of damages. They also analyzed the connectivity with the different parts of the brain. And patients with motor control lesions also had problems in the attention-control network.

Scientists concluded that the movement and the attention control are linked, and the use of videogames could improve the patient’s attention as well as their mobility. Now, the same academic team is developing effective therapeutic tools, using video games as a mechanism to complement physiotherapy.