Have you decided what to study in September? Enrol in the International Physiotherapy Degree in the Campus of Barcelona

If you decide to study the Degree in International Physiotherapy, in the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and University of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG) in the Campus of Barcelona, you’ll have double advantage. On the one hand, the use of new technologies in physiotherapy and, on the other, that this course is taught entirely in English. Both aspects will grant you a much more competitive professional profile in the labour market.

The syllabus of this Degree is based on the academic excellence. So, as a student, you will receive quality, up-to-date, dynamic and practical training, which is clearly oriented towards the professional world. Moreover, due to the collaboration with ENTI-UB, a leading school in new technologies, you will go beyond manual therapies by learning to develop evaluation tools from physiotherapy; using the latest technological advances and even creating new technological applications, relative to m-health, applied to the physiotherapy field.

And everything while being taught by quality, vocational and directly linked to the professional world teaching staff. When you graduate, you will have relevant knowledge to become a new professional of international nature, with capacity for adding quality to the care service and generating new resources. All the above mentioned will help your future access to the labour market, both national and European.

Moreover, from the very first day, the practical side of this Degree is promoted. That is to say, from the first year, you will be able to use the theoretical knowledge in the practical trainings. Accordingly, it must be highlighted that this Degree holds over 1,000 agreements for placements per year in centres located in Catalonia and France. On another note, the possibility to access many international exchange programmes should be highlighted, as well as the possibility to widen or further these studies by enrolling to postgraduate programmes in other countries.

Choose the best university in English in Barcelona to learn about the new trends in physiotherapy. Study the Degree in International Physiotherapy UB-UdG.