Five reasons to study the International Degree in Physiotherapy

The International Degree in Physiotherapy at EUSES-UdG & ENTI-UB (University School of Health and Sports -UdG and School of New Interactive Technologies-UB) is the only university education that is entirely taught in English in the field of physiotherapy, in Catalonia. Here, we present you five reasons to study our Bachelor’s Degree:

International and top-level lecturers. The Faculty Staff has an International profile, with years of experience in this specialty, in a large number of countries. This point allows students to know more about other realities in the physiotherapy world. In addition, our lecturers also combine teaching activity with academic research. They also publish in leading journals. In this sense, it is very important to emphasize that the entire faculty staff is very accessible and close to the student, which allows personalized mentoring.

New technologies, for health purposes, have an important weight in the degree, due to the fact that the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) is affiliated to the University School of Health and Sports (EUSES-UdG). In this sense, the training incorporates the new technological advances for health 2.0. In addition, during the last year you will learn how to develop yourself new technological applications related to physiotherapy, such as mobile applications or basic software.

As previously mentioned, the Degree is 100% in English, a language which opens the doors to the world, and one of the most used in scientific publications. The main physiotherapeutic advances are published in journals entirely in English, so a good physiotherapist has to be proficient in this language. English is also a great advantage in your curriculum and professional career.

We offer academic internships in the best centers, to complete the training. There is no doubt that the practical part is the key during the training of physiotherapists. If you study this degree you will be able to carry out curricular and extracurricular internships in the main centers of Catalonia, even more, you could do it in France or another countries.

All lectures are taught at the UB Health Campus, near the Bellvitge Hospital. This campus has excellent facilities for medical education and it is very well connected with its “neighbour” teaching hospital. In this sense, just a visit to the facilities lets you to see the activity of the health or medical community in the area, and it makes it the best environment for a physiotherapist training.