Final stretch of the university pre-enrolment. Login to the Accesnet portal and enrol for the degree in International Physiotherapy at the Campus of Barcelona

We are entering the final stretch of the university pre-enrolments. If you would like to select the Degree in International Physiotherapy from the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB) and the University School of Health and Sport (Escola Universitària de la Salut i l’Esport – EUSES-UdG) as a priority, you will need to follow these instructions and enter the code 91908 (for Spanish nationals or non-nationals with residents’ permit) or the code 91909 (for foreign students), in the Accesnet portal of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

 Why should you study the Degree in International Physiotherapy? In short, because this course will provide dynamic training, geared to the professional world and with the advantage of having a double added value: the application of the new technologies and a specific training in the English language. This latter aspect will give you a very competitive professional profile, which will improve your access to the employment market both nationally and in Europe.

 Indeed, understanding ICTs is an essential requirement for becoming a good physiotherapist. Thanks to the presence of ENTI-UB in this degree, you will nourish the experience of a university training that is a pioneer in new technologies: developing assessment tools based on physiotherapy; applying new technological advances and even having the possibility of working on the creation of new technological applications such as: mobile apps or software applied to physiotherapy.

 All told, during these studies you will gain an in-depth knowledge of e-health, applied to the field of health. Without a doubt, the new technologies are essential in order to make current health systems more efficient and sustainable. For this reason, these studies focus on health ICTs. In addition, during this Degree you will have an expert teaching staff, characterised by their ample pedagogical skills, their international origin and their extensive experience both professionally and academically.

 Lastly, another highly positive aspect of this Degree is its focus on learning using both theory and practice. From the very outset you will have the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired; since this course has over 1,000 practical work experience agreements with recognised centres distributed throughout Catalonia and France. In addition, it should also be stressed that you will be able access a host of international exchange programmes, as well as having the opportunity to then expand and continue postgraduate studies in other countries.

 Remember, the period for pre-enrolment in Catalan universities ends on July 3rd. Complete your university pre-enrolment for the Degree in International Physiotherapy by accessing the Accesnet portal: and entering the codes: 91908 (for Spanish nationals or non-nationals with residents’ permit) or the code 91909 (for foreign students). You can consult the documents required here. We would also like to inform you that the first allocation of places will be made on July 11th and the second allocation on July 24th.


Choose a quality and innovative training that incorporates the latest technological advances applied to physiotherapy, by studying the Degree in Physiotherapy at the Campus of Barcelona.