The Degree in International Physiotherapy improves your international job prospects

A teaching staff with an international profile, a global approach and a training syllabus that is entirely in English are three of the characteristics of the Degree in International Physiotherapy that are essential for improving your access to the international jobs market.

During the Degree in International Physiotherapy you will train with a team of expert lecturers from prestigious international universities: Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany. Therefore, you will learn to apply the latest technological advances in e-health to the field of physiotherapy, including all the new technology trends such as Serious Games or new apps applied to health. Without a doubt, learning about the health 2.0 tools applied to healthcare, will provide you with the know-how you need to be able to create new resources or technological applications such as:Mobile apps, software or 3D modelling.

Therefore, instructed by lecturers with an extensive vocation for teaching and with international experience you will gain a global vision of what a physiotherapist’s work involves, learning the different types of assessment, diagnosis or design of treatments that are implemented across Europe and in the international arena. Also, in terms of the international vocation of these studies, it should be mentioned that you will have access to a host of international exchange programmes. I.e. thanks to the ERASMUS programmes you will be able to carry out your studies in universities with an international prestige, expanding your network of contacts and building valuable relationships with people in your academic environment. This last aspect is sure to aid your future job prospects in the global jobs market.

Lastly, it should be added that the Degree in International Physiotherapy is the first university degree that is entirely in English; a language that is essential, both in the academic world and in the workplace. In the publishing or scientific sphere, publications in English are those which obtain a larger number of citations and greater impact compared to any other language. In addition, in the professional sphere mastery of this language will ensure more and better job opportunities, as well as the internationalisation of your CV.

In short, the combination of teaching quality, global vision, a training syllabus in English and the added value of incorporating the new ICTs in the field of health, will allow you to exercise the profession of physiotherapist in all its aspects: teaching, scientific research, the medical sector and health sphere, in the sports area- in matters of rehabilitation or retraining – and in running your own health and physiotherapy centre, in any country in the world.

Make a commitment to your future and study the Degree in International Physiotherapy, the only qualification that expands your professional horizons.