Successful participation at the Open Day for the Degree in International Physiotherapy

The Open Day for the Degree in International Physiotherapy from the University School of Health and Sport (Escola Universitària de la Salut i l’Esport – EUSES-UdG) and the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB) at the Health Campus of the University of Barcelona (UB) was held last Saturday, May 13th. One of the features of this meeting was the large number of students interested in studying this university degree entirely in English that blends physiotherapy with new technologies.

During the open day, students were able to learn about the curriculum, the teaching staff, the career opportunities, the process of registration and inscription fees, and many other aspects. In addition, also in attendance for the presentation was Mariano Gacto, director of the Degree in International Physiotherapy and head of the Department of Physiotherapy at EUSES-UdG, during which he presented the main strengths of studying this course with an international vocation. Those attending then had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Campus of the University of Barcelona, to explore in detail the university environment where they will study over the coming academic year 2017-2018.

In short, the combination of teaching quality, a pioneering training in new technologies, access to multiple international exchange programmes with prestigious universities, internships in leading centres and a training syllabus entirely in English in order to offer you more and better employment opportunities are the main advantages of studying the Degree in International Physiotherapy. Make a commitment to your future and enrol on the next course!


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