Degree in International Physiotherapy: Train with an international and highly dedicated teaching team

An international profile, a passion for teaching, a proven track record in research and extensive professional experience characterise the teaching staff on the Degree in English in International Physiotherapy, at the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and the School of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG).

In this new academic year, we are working with a team of highly skilled and experienced teachers, from renowned Spanish and foreign universities in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. Most of them hold PhDs and are specialists in their fields, with a double profile as academics-researchers and active professionals. This enables them to offer students the benefit of their everyday experience, and allows the content and methodologies used to be continuously updated to incorporate a more complete and global vision of physiotherapy, from the perspective of different countries around the world.

Guided by outstanding professionals you will discover the most innovative and cutting-edge technology applied to the field of healthcare. You will learn about the different aspects of physiotherapy such as evaluation, diagnosis and treatment design being used in Europe and around the world; you will apply new technological advances and will even have the chance to create your own technology apps in this field. In addition, the course does not only include purely medical technology, but also shares resources with other disciplines such as architecture, the field of video games and Serious Games. Through this degree, you will become an expert in e-health technologies and the application of new tools in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

Another advantage of this course of study is its strong focus on personalisation, adapting the training schedule to suit each student. For example, you will receive individual supervision and advice on academic matters and professional guidance to resolve any of your doubts. Furthermore, complementary training is also encouraged through workshops, seminars and courses delivered by experts from different areas of healthcare.

Finally, in order to expand your network of contacts, the Degree also provides you with access to multiple international exchange programmes at prestigious international universities, as well as the opportunity to extend your knowledge and continue onto postgraduate studies in countries all over the world.

Train with a teaching team with an international profile by studying the Degree in International Physiotherapy. You will discover the most global vision of physiotherapy, and learn how professionals in this sector work around the world.


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