ENTI-UB Professor Anna Urroz presenting “Projects of Design and Development of Interactive Contents for Physiotherapy”

Professor Ana Urroz of the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) introduced the new subject “Projects of Design and Development of Interactive Contents for Physiotherapy” that will be taught starting next year in the International Physiotherapy Degree, a result of the collaboration of ENTI-UB with EUSES-UdG.

“The objectives of the course include the conceptualization and design of an app that facilitates the professional tasks of future physiotherapists,” explains Ana Urroz. Students will be tasked with creating an app that will have to be useful in a wide range of aspects of their professional development, including: organizational management, patient care or even help with the creation of treatment plans.

In order to achieve this, students will acquire specific design methodology based on Design Thinking, and they will also learn to incorporate into their design quality and usability attributes that will improve the user experience.

In addition to being the only Degree in Physiotherapy taught entirely in English, this degree has the advantage of integrating new technologies within the syllabus, improving clinical care and taking advantage of the benefits of gamification and of mobile apps.