Do you know the career opportunities offered by the degree in International Physiotherapy at the Campus of the UB?

During the Degree in International Physiotherapy, from the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB), and the School of Health and Sport (Escola de la Salut i l’Esport – EUSES-UdG) you will learn the different aspects of physiotherapy, from assessment, diagnosis, and the design and development of treatments, applying the latest technological advances applied to the field of health. Moreover, you will have the advantage of studying entirely in English, a language that is essential in giving prestige to your academic curriculum and opening doors to the foreign jobs market.

Once you have completed these studies you can opt for a wide and diverse range of career opportunities in different fields. Such as, for example:

  • The medical sector. As a general physiotherapist, you’ll be able to work in various areas of medicine. Notably: orthopaedics, focusing on sports injuries; paediatrics; cardiac and respiratory conditions; ergonomics; neurology; urogynaecology and rheumatology.
  • Teaching and professional academic development. This is currently a focus of major interest in the world of physiotherapy. In fact, one of the growing career opportunities in this sector is that of the teacher. In this sense, it is essential to have a commitment to education and teaching.
  • The field of technological innovation. Thanks to the presence of ENTI-UB, you will obtain training from a university that is a pioneer in new technologies. You will learn to apply new technological advances in the field of physiotherapy, and will have the opportunity to work on the creation of new technological applications such as: mobile apps, I.T. software or three-dimensional modelling, etc. Thus, once you have completed this degree you will be able to become involved professionally in the area of technological application in the field of health; an innovative sector that is constantly evolving and with a broad spectrum of development in our society.
  • A freelance professional. You can, of course, also work as a freelancer, either working in your own clinic or rehabilitation centre or as part of multidisciplinary teams, i.e. in clinics, primary health care centres, hospitals or private insurance centres.

Prepare for your professional future in the best way possible, by studying the Degree in International Physiotherapy  at the best Health Campus in Barcelona.