Come to our Open Days, on May 26th, to know more about the International Degree in Physiotherapy.

We offer you a new opportunity to discover all the details and facilities of the International Degree in Physiotherapy. On May 26th, 2018, the Campus of Bellvitge opens its doors to all those people interested in the degree.

During this day, future students will receive all kind of information about the curriculum, professional careers and the registration and enrollment process, focusing on the processes that international students may accomplish.

Pioneering in new technologies, we offer the first degree in Catalonia, and the only one, entirely taught in English, in the field of Physiotherapy. In addition, our lecturers are highly qualified in teaching and come from prestigious international universities. At the same time, they carry out their own clinical activity as physiotherapists.

Regarding the academic internships, students could do it in leading centers, distinguished in the field of health, throughout Catalonia, France and Spain.

Take this opportunity and come to the UB Bellvitge Campus, the same place where lectures are held, on Saturday, May 26th. You can register for the Open Days here.

Register to our open days