The importance of the practical side of the Degree in International Physiotherapy

The Degree in English in International Physiotherapy, at the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and the University School of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG) is based on a combination of theoretical and practical content. In the lectures you will acquire diverse knowledge and learn methodologies such as evaluation tools, therapy and treatment design. In the practical classes, the aim is to apply the theory in a technical way, and reproduce a real situational environment in the professional sphere, so that you can familiarise yourself with the therapeutic and contextual aspects that you will encounter in the future in your daily working life.

An important feature of this degree course is that it contains a large volume of hours of clinical practice, conducted in recognised health centres, designed to provide you with all the necessary practical experience and know-how. In addition, throughout the course you will benefit from individual supervision and advice provided by the team of expert teachers on this degree course, who are on-hand to resolve any of your academic questions. During the course, you will organise yourselves into small practice groups, which ensures the quality and assimilation of learning and closer teacher supervision. The course also includes tutorials and seminars designed to monitor and optimise the performance of each student throughout the course.

On the Degree in International Physiotherapy, you will receive high-quality theoretical and practical training which covers all types of manual and physical therapies, as well as new technologies and e-health tools. You will learn how to develop evaluation tools through physiotherapy; to apply the latest health 2.0 technology; and you will even be able to create new technological tools such as mobile apps, software and 3D modelling applied to physiotherapy.

Finally, we should mention that this course is the first university degree specialising in physiotherapy taught entirely in English. Without a doubt, mastering this language will give you an important advantage in both the academic and labour world. On the one hand, you will be able to access more up-to-date and complete information, which will allow you to learn about the latest developments and read a greater number of scientific and academic texts written in this language. On the other hand, professionally speaking, working in English will open doors to the European and international market, with more competitive employment opportunities.

If you want to dedicate yourself professionally to a career in physiotherapy, choose the Degree in International Physiotherapy, an eminently practical course that offers training in the very latest technology.


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