Are you aware of the advantages of studying the Degree in International Physiotherapy in the Campus of Barcelona?

Firstly, it should be noted that studying the Degree in International Physiotherapy, in the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and University of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG) in the Campus of Barcelona offers you global and dynamic training, oriented towards the professional world with a double added value: the application of new technologies and the specific training in English. The latter will provide you with a very competitive professional profile, improving your access to the labour market, both national and international.

Nowadays, the knowledge of new technologies has become a basic requirement in order to become a good physiotherapist. Due to the involvement of ENTI-UB, as a student you will have a leading university education in new technologies. So you will be able to develop evaluation tools related to the physiotherapy, apply new technological advances and even to work on the creation of new technological applications related to the physiotherapy.

Another relevant advantage of this Degree is its highly qualified teaching staff with a vast professional experience.  The combination of all these aspects will give you the essential tools to become a new professional with an international nature, who will have an in-depth knowledge on the so-called e-health and with the capacity to add quality to the care assistance and to create new resources.

Besides, it should also be noted that this Degree offers a theoretical and hands-on learning. From the beginning, you will have the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge into practice since this Degree holds over 1,000 agreements for placements per year in centres located in Catalonia and France. On another note, the possibility to access many international exchange programmes should be highlighted, as well as the possibility to widen or further these studies by enrolling to postgraduate programmes in other countries.

So the coming September bet on quality education. Enrol in the Degree in International Physiotherapy UB-UdG