Are you already aware of how the International Physiotherapy Degree can boost your career opportunities?

The International Physiotherapy Degree brings you a wide range of opportunities in many of the different medical disciplines. Be it in the treatment of pathologies in various medical and surgical specialties, in research and academic teaching, and in activities for illness prevention and healthcare promotion.

The types of physiotherapy covered during the studies are the following:

Cardiorespiratory: physiotherapeutic discipline that treats people with diseases that affect lung capacity and volume, and other respiratory system conditions.

Orthopaedics and Traumatology: a specialized field that focuses in evaluating, diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries, which are the ones that affect joints, muscles, tissue and nerves.

Sport Injuries: they can be the reason for a partial or a complete stop of an athlete’s career. The physiotherapist is responsible for guaranteeing all the steps for recovery if there are injuries.

Paedriatics: paedriatic physiotherapy focuses on the treatment, guidance and support of children who show physical disorders or other illnesses that require the intervention of expert physiotherapists.

Neurology: neurological physiotherapy is the discipline that deals with improving the quality of life of patients with illnesses that affect the nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer.

Ergonomics: this type of physiotherapy studies body posture in order to prevent injuries and issues that could affect the locomotor system.

Geriatrics: the medical discipline that studies prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses in older adults, the characteristics of which require a different, more specialized, treatment.

Rheumatology: this type of physiotherapy focuses on reducing the pain caused by locomotor system disorders. It covers a wide range of rheumatic illnesses that affect bones, joints and muscles.

The ENTI-UB course offering will also allow the student to develop professional skills in the field of technology applied to the physiotherapy.