Study in Barcelona, southern Europe’s leading city for tech startups


A recent survey of more than 350,000 people from 200 different countries has concluded that Barcelona is the world’s fourth most attractive city to work in, beaten only by Berlin, London and New York. This is one of the factors that explains why between 2016 and 2018, 24 technology multinationals have opened offices in the…

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Muscle Premium, an example of a useful mobile application for physiotherapists


Today we present a successful and practical example of a technological application that serves as a fundamental tool for physiotherapists: ‘Muscle Premium’, a comprehensive reference of musculoskeletal structures and their function, as well as common injuries and conditions. This application is a very useful tool for students and a virtual reference for all physiotherapists, who…

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A new academic study shows that electrical stimulation enables completely paralysed patients to walk again


A patient suffering from total paralysis of the lower limbs has regained the ability to walk independently, thanks to a long process of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and an electrical stimulation implant, according to research published in the journal Nature. Jered Chinnock was left paraplegic in 2013 after a snowmobile accident damaged his spinal cord. The device,…

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