Would you like to study a Degree specialized in physiotherapy in English, with a global calling and from Barcelona? Enrol in the International Physiotherapy Degree in September

The Degree in International Physiotherapy, in the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and University of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG), is the first Degree that is taught 100% in English and specialized in physiotherapy. From the first year onwards, in the Campus of Barcelona, the lessons are taught entirely in English. An essential language both for the knowledge of scientific production and for gaining an optimal professional level. Undoubtedly mastering the English language is key to opening the doors to your future career, whether in the national or the European market.

Moreover, due to the combination of EUSES and ENTI-UB, you will learn the different aspects of the physiotherapy with the use of new technologies. As a student you will be granted the experience of a leading University course in new technologies: developing evaluation tools from physiotherapy; application of new technological advances and even the opportunity to work in the creation of new technological applications such as mobile apps or computer software related to physiotherapy.

So when studying the Degree in International Physiotherapy UB-UdG, you will have an in-depth knowledge of the uses of the most leading technologies in the field of physiotherapy and health. No doubt that the so-called health care ICT or ehealth mean a step forward in health care and in the information exchange between health professionals.

And everything by a teaching staff who is highly qualified in the teaching field, with years’ experience in the health and curricular criteria of academic excellence. So, when you graduate, you will have relevant knowledge to become a new professional of international nature, with capacity for generating new resources.

On another note, it is also that this Degree is based on a hands-on learning, based on a solid theoretical training, always keeping a continuous link between the academic development and the professional world.

Come to study the first Degree in English specialized in physiotherapy. Apply for the Degree in International Physiotherapy UB-UdG.