Why should I study in this University rather than in another one?


The degree Physiotherapy Barcelona aims to teach students the different aspects of Physiotherapy (evaluation, diagnosis, design and development of treatments) while mastering a third foreign language and taking advantage of the synergy between EUSES (The University School of Health and Sport),—a centre affiliated with the UdG (University of Girona)—, and ENTI (The School of New Interactive Technologies),—a centre affiliated with UB (University of Barcelona)—, to work on cross-sectorial competences of academic excellence and curricular integration of the new technologies into the field of Physiotherapy.

The involvement of ENTI-UB in the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy will allow the students to nourish themselves with the experience that a pioneer university course in new technologies can contribute: developing tools of physiotherapeutic evaluation, applying new technological advances in the field of Physiotherapy, and even the possibility to work in the creation of new technological applications (mobile apps, computer software or three-dimensional modelling) in the field of Physiotherapy.

Also, the symbiosis between EUSES-UdG and ENTI-UB is a natural and logic union considering that by adding both branches of knowledge students are granted a plus not only for their learning experience but also in the use and creation of new resources for Physiotherapy. Therefore, the perspectives of their professional career are widen not solely in the health field but in the creation and thought of globalism within their  academic career and future, learning that any conception can be improved from a multidisciplinary way of thinking.

Also these studies are dynamic, they focus on the professional world and they have the advantage of a double added value: applying new technologies and being taught in English. This will grant an attractive professional profile to the graduate student with regard to the professional world. This approach opens up new perspectives and grants a distinguishing and attractive touch in the European labour market spectrum.

Choose your future, study Physiotherapy Barcelona Degree.