Train with a team with a broad range of teaching skills by studying for the Bachelor’s Degree in International Physiotherapy on the UB Campus

The lecturing staff on the Degree in International Physiotherapy at the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) and the University School of Health and Sport (EUSES-UdG) is characterised by its specialisation and its strong focus on teaching. Most of the tutors hold doctorates from prestigious universities around the world and have excellent teaching skills, as well as wide-ranging experience in the academic and medical fields. They are also committed to passing on values, to educational excellence and to their own ongoing training, which allows them to stay up to date with the latest advances in their field.

Another positive feature common to all the staff on this degree programme is their double profile as academics and researchers and as practising professionals. They include professionals of the stature of Mariano Gacto, Director of the Degree in International Physiotherapy, where he teaches the following subject courses: Fundamentals of Physiotherapy (1st year), Assessment of Physiotherapy (1st year) and Practicum II (4th year). As regards his training, it should be pointed out that he is a graduate in Physiotherapy, has a master’s degree in Physiotherapy and Scientific Evidence and University Specialist in Hand Re-education from the Claude Bernard University in Lyon (France) and has been doing doctoral research in health service quality management which has been published in national and international journals including Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Fisioterapia y Calidad de Vida and the Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Bertram Müller, who teaches the first-year subject course in Physics, is a trained biomechanic with extensive international experience in countries including Scotland and Germany. Anna Prats, with an extensive career in research, teaches Biology in the first year, while the Australian Claire Knott teaches several subject courses including Manual Therapy in the second year.

Other tutors of note include Javier Jerez, tutor and degree coordinator, who this year will be in charge of the day-to-day running of the programme and of organising the 3rd-year Clinical Practicum I; Rocío Díaz, a practising medical doctor with an academic profile based on anatomy and medical disorders, and Samuel Young, an Australian physiotherapist with extensive professional experience, among many others.

Thus, with a highly qualified teaching staff, you will learn to assess, diagnose, design and give treatments with the two added values of studying in English and using new 2.0 healthcare technology and I’m Health in the field of physiotherapy.

Train with a highly-qualified teaching team with years of experience in clinical practice and a curriculum designed according to principles of academic excellence. Study the Degree in International Physiotherapy at the best health campus in Barcelona.