The Degree in International Physiotherapy is committed to ‘learning by doing’: second year students carry out an assessable practical class on bandaging

On Monday November 13th, students from the second year of the Degree in International Physiotherapy from the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB)and the School of Health and Sport (Escola Universitària de la Salut i l’Esport – EUSES-UdG) put into practice the technique of bandaging within the framework of the Basic Health Care course subject. During the class, students practiced applying bandages to their classmates’ arms or feet, and learnt the different types of dressings for therapeutic purposes, such as circular, herringbone and cross bandaging, among others. Finally they were assessed by the lecturers on how they performed the bandaging.

Without a doubt, classes like this one are an example of the importance of the practical side of this Degree and the implementation of ‘learning by doing‘, an experiential methodology which consists of just that – learning by doing – and based on real cases. In this way the interest of the students is increased, motivating them much more in their learning process. The advantages of this type of methodology are many, since students learn the scientific method and the essence of the physiotherapist’s profession in an active way, thereby gaining a better understanding of the concepts when it comes to putting them into practice.

Throughout the Basic Health Care subject students learn to assess the functional state of the patients, considering their physical, psychological and social aspects. I.e. they learn about people in the context of health and disease, as well as their basic needs, the care of the patient with both a traumatic and medical condition, and the exercising of basic care in health emergencies such as: cardio-pulmonary reanimation. All this, will allow them to intervene in the areas of promotion, prevention, protection and recovery of health, applying critical, creative and logical thinking to solving problems in the field of physiotherapy, working as a team in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way.

In short, while a student in the Degree in International Physiotherapy you will obtain a high quality theoretical and practical training, including seminars on bandaging, manual therapy, physical therapy, resuscitation, etc.; all told, complemented with knowledge of the latest trends and tools pertaining to Health 2.0. This will empower you to treat a host of pathologies with full scientific and technical guarantees in order to succeed in speeding up patients’ recovery processes by applying the sound scientific foundation acquired during these studies.

The profession of physiotherapist is learnt by putting it into practice. Opt for an innovative and high-quality training, by studying the Degree in International Physiotherapy at the Campus of the UB.