Why should I study at this university instead of another one?

Because these studies are dynamic, they focus on the professional world and they have the advantage of two secondary added values: the application of new technologies, and being taught in English. These will enhance the professional profile of its graduating students. This approach opens up new perspectives, providing students with a distinguishing and attractive feature in the context of the European employment market.

Is this an official degree?

Yes. It is an official university degree, issued by the University of Barcelona (a university that is a pioneer in Catalonia and with excellent standing in Europe) together with the University of Girona, allowing not only access to an excellent, top quality academic degree but also to multiple international exchange programmes, as well as the extension and continuation of postgraduate studies in other countries.

What subjects carry the greatest weight in the selectivitat (university entrance exam)?

For students coming from the Spanish educational system, it is highly recommended they access this degree after completing a health science Bachillerat, since it is based on subjects and disciplines that are similar to the fundamentals established during the first year in Physiotherapy. However, for students coming from other European or overseas educational systems, in the vast majority of cases the type or nature of previous studies is not taken into account when considering admissions, as long as applicants have the appropriate credentials.

I am British/German/French—what are the entry criteria?

As stated in Section 2.4 (“Entry criteria”), admission of students from the European Union is based on whether or not they hold an acceptable credential, which transfers  and validates the qualifications gained in the educational systems in the rest of Europe: Allgemeine Hochschulreife in Germany, Baccalauréat in France, Diploma de Maturità in Italy, Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs in the Netherlands, etc.

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